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Meet Karen - founder, speaker, nurse, & wellness coach.

"What really turned me over was her ability to understand because of having been through the same challenges ."
Christine Brown


Since encountering two near death experiences, Karen lives every moment as though it is her last. She is passionate about the path she has chosen and in that of sharing with others the benefits of living a wholesome life in every way possible.

As a licensed nurse she knows first and foremost the debilitating effects that many chronic respiratory diseases can have on one’s daily living activities. But moreover, she also understands the importance of identifying and addressing the underlining causes to any dis-ease that goes on in the human body, mind, or spirit experience. Rather physical, emotional, or spiritual, homeostasis is the baseline to experiencing a more healthy, happy, and harmonious life.

In “Asthma Hacks”  Karen has compiled some Key Facts, Tips, and Techniques – that will equip you with Information and Tools in guiding you while on your journey to living more wholesomely. She places great emphasis on overcoming the fear of this disease and combating it by way of natural and organic means. In addition, she emphasizes caring for the whole person. All parts are interdependent, for each to perform at its highest peak there must be harmony.  The three are interchangeable and majestic – when well-balanced optimum results are experienced.

The guide is practical and easily applied to your day to day life. Everything she shares has been tried of herself with astonishing results. As a bonus offer to you, Karen has placed great effort in formulating a 7 Day Inflammation Attack Pack. This pack is geared towards ridding your body of toxins and free radicals responsible for unwanted inflammation build up in your body.

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